Young Football Coaches Clinic


Dec 11, 2019
My name is Adam Purzitza and I am an Assistant at Hoggard High school In Wilmington. I am wanting to put together a clinic for young up and coming coaches. Preferably guys who are assistants, and early coordinators with goals to become a head coach. I would like to set it up like your typical clinic with presentations on positions groups, game planning, organizational aspects, etc. I think this could be a good thing for young guys to network, learn from one another, and talk football with guys who are wanting to climb the coaching ranks. This idea just came up today and is still very early in the planning process. I am hoping for a time frame on a Saturday in Wilmington before Spring ball begins.

If you are interested in presenting/attending shoot me an email, Or send me a direct message on twitter @CoachPurzitza

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