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Feb 25, 2018
Burnsville NC
Survivor is alright he's a survivor is he not.he's just experiencing the agony of defeat it happens to all of us who love our High Schools and the kids in our community losing hurts way more than the feel good of winning.losing causes people to do crazy things it's a mixture of raw emotions and down right anger plus I've took notice to how now when a team loses it not enough to congratulate the victor some people want to humiliate you at the same time especially if you question any aspect of there win I came from the school of showing good sportsmanship and winning with grace but times have changed where now living in the age of destroy your opponent at all cost Twitter is the main problem and I'm afraid things will get much worse before they get better I'm sadded
of how bad the sportsmanship is on these forums we need to set a better example for our kids were all blessed win or lose to just have the ability to follow our favorite teams and be apart of great High School Sports...