2A Western Finals Shelby vs Mount Pleasant @ Shelby


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Aug 5, 2010
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The 3A west is very weak this year and that is the only reason SP is in the finals.We should have beat SP by 3 tds but we didn't and that is why you play the game.I have seen way more Shelby games then you have and I never get to high or to low.In 1977 after going undefeated I thought we would kill Newton Conover but we lost,in 95 I thought we had the best team in the state but lost to a girl kicker,in 97 I thought we would kill Bandys but barely won and lost to Clinton the next week.And then there is Madison and West Stokes.This is why you play the game and respect your opponent.
"We' have been playing for and watching games of Shelby since 1917. We were on the 1977 team and on the 1997 State Runner-up team that you mentioned. We were also on the 1916 and 1917 teams along with '42 and '43. And on the 1970, 1972, and 1998 Championship teams. And on the 1969 and 2004 State Runner-up teams. And significant starters and contributors in all cases. We have been in the band and we have been captains of the cheerleaders. We think we got ya on the Shelby games seen count.

We respect MP. We just feel positive reinforcement builds confidence in the guys. No one gets to the fourth round without being a very good football team. The players and the coaches know they have to play well.
SHS Lion, Your original post was classy and spot on. I like to pick at you guys but Good Gawd Almighty, is this 98 guy out of his freaking mind.


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Jul 31, 2006
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btw I thought I read somewhere that MP had 3A/3AA numbers.
Never. What is accurate is that MP played 3A for four years with 2A ADM numbers because of a then spineless school board decision not to follow through on a redirecting plan. Never came close to 3A/3AA numbers.
Something along those lines is what I saw

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Oct 13, 2002
Mp has always been what reidsville has become....a team that hangs around 3-4 weeks but never gets over the hump. Perhaps this is their year.