You Are Taking it Personal


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Feb 20, 2019
I believe that all refs should be held to a higher standard and they should be evaluated as well as be graded. So that way the big games get the best refs. I have kids that play all levels of sports and I can honestly say I have seen some horrific officiating this year. I can count on one hand the good refs I've seen this year. I've seen it all when it comes to refs. I've heard a ref tell his other 2 refs to call everything on certain players. I seen outrages foul counts in one team's favor and it cost teams games and conference titles. These kids work there butts off year round in the classroom and on the court and to see all that hard work amount to nothing because of bad refs is unacceptable. If players and even fans are held accountable for there actions why aren't refs held accountable?

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