Myers Park at Richmond

Raiders Rollin

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Oct 26, 2018
Its December, it's for a trip to the ship....that's all u will get, no disrespect. we wont come in and disrespect your field or taunt players or fans..I mean yeah u will have 1 or 2 knuckleheads but we will nip that. Like I said were on a mission u guys are in the way. ROAD WARRIORS!!!

Were coming!!
We are on the same page, like C. Hood said, on Media Day when asked whom do you want call out? his response was "whomever's up next" therefore, Vance is blocking the way to the Hill. Good luck on Fri.


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Aug 27, 2010
Here we go agin...Like shuffling a deck of cards...start all of hands...How many of you, other than Richmond still have a dog in this fight??? HMMMM...not very many a couple Vance let's see, Mallard Creek??? Thought so...Meyers Park??? Yea, but How about you Mr. Honda, just who is your team...let's see, early this year it was Richmond, then you leaned toward the Creek, then all the sudden it was the Park, without a doubt...then this morning, we're back to "its Richmonds to lose." And now your leaning toward Vance...Richm0nds giving up 30 points in the playoffs... Yea the refs made mistakes in the N.C.H.S. Playoffs last night but that's all right. They need real officials in a game like last night. Since when does catching a pass on first bounce count...lmao. There will be Raider haters regardless. They will win convincingly Friday night. They beat the second best team in N.C.4aa in one half of football last night... You guys do this every week. Yea but...this and can't stand to see Richmond back on now blah blah...Sometimes I wonder about some of yasss. You can talk that talk but you can't walk the walk. Every week you professional gurus crap and fall back in it...wait I was wrong last week but wait.... oh now I but they can't win this week.My goodness I'm 65 years old, I ain't no coach...x and o 's my butt. Richmond is the best team left in the west and if not we'll find ou Fri. Nite. RICHMOND BY 20... GO RAIDERS.
How's that for venting...I've read it for 14 weeks. I got more where that come from... lmao
It's about time sure takes a lot to get you wound up. (you gonna get jumped on about the 20)
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May 31, 2001
The more I see the Moose fumble the more I believe it was a legit call. Unless your wrist touching counts as a knee. That was a fumble.


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Nov 5, 2003
The rule in high school for a downed ball carrier is if any part of the ball carrier's body, other than his hand or foot, touches the ground the play is dead. I saw a really good photo on the sideline. Ball appeared to be cupped between his hand across the inside of the forearm when that area hit the ground. I think when he hit it caused the ball to pop out because he did not have it firm to his bicep. That's a bang / bang play that is very close either way and tough to make.


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Nov 2, 2017
On the Charlotte observer there a video with Dale and think Scott
“the one that talk about Richmond D .
talking about the whole game . There is a better video of the fumble there also to me it look like the ball came out right before he hit the ground but still either way I see were it will have someone wondering

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