Well Lets Hear It ( Murphy vs East Surry)


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Feb 25, 2018
Burnsville NC
Great game between 2 talented and well coached teams. A defensive battle from start to finish, heck East was held to 14 at the half. I would say Sutphin wasn’t what I expected to see, but I’m sure this wasn’t a game to base anything off of. Murphy doubled her anytime she slid to the post and helped anytime she touched the ball. Murphy’s coach really gameplanned well for her. There were times when you got a glimpse of how good she is but Murphy did a good job of containing her. Even with her offensive game not up to par she makes up for it defensively. As for someone saying she has no supporting cast, well she does, and those girls stepped up to advance East to the state championship. Congratulations and well done. As for Murphy, Didn’t shoot the 3 as well as they did against Avery which ultimately hurt them. Defensively they were great, put bodies on everyone and kept East Surry of the offensive boards for the most part. Rodgers is going to be special, basketball smarts unlike any freshman I’ve probably ever seen. She has good size, handles, shoots, and can take you off the dribble. Plays with her back to the basket mostly because of her height and everyone else’s lack of it but she has wing D1 potential for sure. So I’m pretty sure I got to watch at least 2 D1 girls in 1a so that was great. Stayed for Heritage, Forbush. And like most games with Heritage, they’ll kill you in the 4th. Tipton is great, one of the best guards in the west no matter what classification. They’re deep, 4-5 girls that could go for 20 any game. Make you play at their pace and if you’re not deep, then you’re done. Good luck to both East Surry and Mtn Heritage girls and congratulations on making it to the championship.
Great post..that's really good information for us fans that could not make the game your summarily of my Lady Cougars game was spot on to what I listened to on the radio.if you got any information on Farmville Central it would be greatly appreciated the only thing I can find is there undefeated and have blowed everybody pretty much out of the gym in these playoffs and the East is usually stought at the 2a level but Max Preps has Mt Heritage ranked #1 and Farmville #3 but I don't put to much into that. the eye test is best..


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Oct 11, 2018
I wish I knew mav but I have no idea. I do know they have size, and they are there for a reason. Good luck though, your girls are definitely good enough.

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