SWE Head Coach Resigns


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Aug 17, 2010
J.C. Cobb made an official announcement of retirement from the head coaching position at SWE to pursue a career at Farm Bureau. This will be Cobb's second stint at the insurance company.
Coach Cobb had an overall record of 66-28, a playoff record of 10-7, and in 7 years as the head coach, led SWE to 5 double digit win totals, 3 appearances in the 3rd round, and reached the eastern finals once. Some of SWE's best years came under his leadership, being matched only by his father, Raymond Cobb, who preceded J.C at the helm. Together, the two Cobbs led SWE to a total record of 145-60 over the past 16 seasons.
We are sad to see the Cobb era come to an end at SWE, but are appreciative for being spoiled over the years. SWE was a homecoming opponent type of team before the elder Cobb arrived and made SWE a feared opponent, and the younger Cobb kept the winning ways going. I know you read my posts, Coach. We love you and wish you the best moving forward.


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Nov 13, 2002
Reidsville, NC
Congrats to him on a great career....firmly believe that his 2009 team would probably have won a state title had it not been for their 22-20 loss to Reidsville in the Eastern semi-finals...As a Reidsville fan I can tell you that SWE was the Rams toughest opponent that year...........

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