youth sports the race to no where


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Jan 14, 2017
great article and so true. Hard to believe we still have coaches that adhere to that mind set of "you must pick one if you want to be really good"so much evidence to the contrary. Same battle is still being waged in regards to strength and conditioning for baseball, softball and basketball players and parents, so many refuse to accept the science that shows the benefits and follow the old myths.


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Feb 17, 2015
Old myths?

Man I am getting long in the tooth. Seems like just a few years ago coaches started wanting athletes to "specialize" in just one sport.

But I guess it has been longer than I think. Explains the short life span for most pitchers in baseball I believe because they played year round while developing those arms.

As I have said quite a few times on here, let them play what they want.

Well except for soccer. Great sport I guess. Just can't watch it for long.
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Jul 14, 2003
Aregood, I don't want to steal your thunder here. This is excellent, please post on other threads other than 4A.
Sportsnut17, I shared this on the football boards on this site. Feel free to share it wherever you like. I like a good discussion and do not take credit for this article. I had an uncle who as a High School student could play all sports. when a student had the talent.That uncle was high school all state in 3 sports and also ran track. He played in both the Shrine Bowl and East West game.He was all conference jr. college in two sports and was All ACC baseball at Wake Forest. As much as I love sports the seasons are too long and overlap making it hard to play more than one sport. This is hard for me to say because when I was in high school we were not allowed to play more than 12 football games and had to be co State Champions. We do need to get back to shorter seasons and limiting off season practice. Remember by far the largest number of high school players will not play after they graduate.

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