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    The NCAA basketball tournament is just around the corner. For your fun and enjoyment we are providing you with the opportunity to enter and/or begin your own leagues (and win prizes) for this year’s Bracket Battles.

    This year Rivals is offering one million dollars to the person that can come up with a perfect ballot. The user who wins the overall Rivals.com network title will walk away with a 50-inch Plasma TV.

    The administrators of NCPreps.com will be offering prizes also. We have formed three leagues. You may enter either, but you will only be allowed your first entry for the Rivals grand prize offers.

    On the three NCPreps sites you will be eligible to win on either site (only one prize per person).

    The three Leagues under our supervision and the prizes are:

    NCPREPS.com Fans (started by Arnold Solomon) two-year membership to NCPreps.com for the winner. If as many as one hundred sign up we will offer a $100 bonus.

    NC Preps (started by Deana King) one-year membership to NCPreps.com for the winner.

    Freddie Farkel Fanatics (started by Freddie Farkel) $50 cash prize.

    You have nothing to lose by signing up. Beginning a league or playing in a league is absolutely free.

    Don’t miss your chance at ONE MILLION DOLLARS, a 50-inch plasma, free access to NCPreps.com, or a cash award.

    What do you need to do?

    - When you register make sure this site is listed as your Home Site. Under the User Profile section (in the middle, halfway down), select our site in the dropdown for Home Site, then hit submit.

    - Head to Bracket Battles to get started forming leagues and inviting your friends.

    - Let’s show the rest of the nation the state with the best and most knowledgeable fan base.

    - You may use our scoring system or customize your own.

    - You may make your league public or private.

    - The bracket is easy to use, and will be ready for picking right after the teams are announced.

    ”The first bracket you complete during the Contest Period will become your "Contest Bracket" and will be your entry in the One Million Dollar Prize competition and the Network Plasma TV competition. You may edit your Contest Bracket up until two hours prior to tip-off of the first game on March 15, 2007. After that, no more editing is allowed and all Contest Brackets are final. There is a limit of one Contest Bracket per registered user. No brackets filled out for league competition other than the Contest Bracket will be included in competition for prizes. Incomplete brackets will not be included in competition for prizes.”


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