Would this High School be King if they moved back to 4A?

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Oct 7, 2016
We liked your first response posted yesterday better. Kind of a concession.
But you can't help yourself.
So you go back in to edit. And to attack and demean us personally. Typical.
We did not agree with the playoff system 40 years ago.
There were 2 (two) 3A State Champs.
But as you and we agree now, we recognize the State Champions of those playoff systems, and those before and after, regardless of their faults. Others control the playoff system. The kids just try to win what they are given.
And 2017 4A and 4AA playoff teams were just gifted.
Quit talking about 48 total or your 32.
Subdividing the class cuts it in half.
There are only 75 teams to fill both 4A and 4AA. Cutting that in half equals 37.5 teams.
24 out of the average 37.5 make each of the 4A or 4AA subclass. 64%. Absurd.
But that's not the biggest gift.
A first round bye goes to the top 8 (eight) seeds IN EACH SUBCLASS 4A AND 4AA.
The real potential exists that ONE REGION could dominate the top 8 seeds in 4AA, setting up quarter finals and semi finals all from the same place.
8 teams from a geographically limited area for the 3 (three) rounds.
That sounds familiar.
Will that count, btango?
Butler and Richmond Senior have gotta love this !
Recently, they can't get out of the previous second or third rounds anyway.
They have 25% less competiton (like that matters), will probably get a playoff bye and a week to rest, and then play teams close by they have already faced. But now much deeper in the playoffs.
Eureka !!
Who was it that mentioned a needed Charlotte area Championship?
No wonder none of the 4AA faithful are complaining about this. It is totally geared to their favor. And the NCHSAA doubles down on the poor 3A and 2A with more competition and more playoffs rounds they must win. Whose idea was this?
S*****. We never mentioned S*****. This a 4A discussion on the 4A board. Please, btango. Don't get us in trouble here.
Finally, you try to demean us as "delusional".
One definition of delusional is " the state of having a false opinion or belief".
The factual history and data we use to support our positions are not made up.
They exists.
They were earned.
We try and avoid debates on opinions and beliefs, as they are subjective and personal and vary.
We obviously do come at many like yourself with factual history and data in a way that perhaps you have not considered. That doesn't mean we are delusional. Nor does that defeat our own argument, as you say. You and others often present factual history and data from your perspective as to what it does or does not support in a debate. That debate may be regarding an opinion. Like, "who will WBTV sports rate as the best high school football team in the Charlotte region in 2017?". No one knows for sure. We focus instead on facts and what they support. Like, "who was it in 2016 and 2015?". That is a known fact.
No delusions there.
Hey. We COULDN'T make this stuff up !
How's that for deflecting?


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Nov 5, 2003
You continually allude to the new playoff system but that has nothing to do with the past where you down the 4A numbers which were shown to be very much in line with the 2A or 3A.

The Charlotte schools did not push for the smaller 4A class, the schools (ADs and coaches) thought the new system would work better if 1A and 4A had the larger amount of schools (not 2A and 3A). I have seen every option that was presented and seen the pros and cons. Think what you will, it does not matter.

Let the people read the posts and decide what they wish.


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Sep 26, 2016
That's an awful lot of pretty words gentlemen...well done, but like I say...We will never truly know who the best team in high school football is... I'm no coch, professor, or anything, but it does k indda leave a void or somethin when, say...4a, 4aa, 3a, 3aa etc. etc. go undefeated or really improve at the end of the year and many times these teams could very well compete with each other and we never will know the truth without they play the game against each other. I know it sounds crazy. I'm sure there's been 2a or 3a champs that could've beat the 4a champ...it is what it is...we will never know unless some dramatic change... the champion wins in competition on the field... GO RAIDERS... true champs defend that title... regardless I know it's crazy but it's true.
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