Will I Get Any Sleep?


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Nov 12, 2012
Hey everyone. I need your prayers, thoughts are whatever. We cut the cable chord and now have Sling. I downloaded a streaming app called "New On".

Why this is significant to this random post is that on that app I can get local news streaming from cities in all states, except Alaska. That means I can see HS football highlights from all over NC, including the mountains.

I can also see football highlights from across the nation. Last week, I made the mistake of staying up late and seeing highlights regarding Chandler and Saguaro in Arizona, Folsom in California along with highlights from Mater Dei/Bishop Gorman. I'm going to need to be more selective as football gets into full swing over the next couple of weeks.



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Dec 5, 2010
Greensboro, N.C.
The next time you take Gloria " Goosebumps " Gossage out for a test drive, Mister Honda, about after three miles, gently slip the next selection into the eight track player located on the dash board, wildly take off that blue necktie you'll be wearin' and tie it around your head similar to a Jimi headband , slang the kangaroo footwear you bought last year in Sydney out the winnder, and with the grace of a pole vaulter, show Ms. Gossage your agility attributes as you jump into the back seat similar to Dwight Stones, as she gazes at you through the rear view mirror, marveling at your rhythm and blues aura you must possess. She'll purchase the vehicle, Mister Honda, all her Myers Park friends will be beatin' your door down, and you'll become an overnight You Tube star.

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