Will Grier


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Jan 4, 2013
I don't think so. Wouldn't be shocked if he ended up at ECU, his dad played there so he has that connection.


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Aug 28, 2010
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Vernon told me that NC State would be considered the 5th choice cause Mr. Dave Doeren would let Grier open up the attack. Vernon said he would warsh his uniform and hung it on the ropes.

Sterling said Auburn would be the 4th choice cause Mr. Gus Malzahn knows Grier would crank up the tempo. Sterling said he would grill some chops, make tators and play some Pandora for Grier if only this choice was chosen.

Rhett is spoiled and selfish, so you know his gonna stay in state. So he told me he would make Wake Forest Grier's 3rd choice but Rhett is not sure if this is a big enough gig for sir master Grier after leaving the dinosaur team he replies. Rhet also said Mr. Dave Clawson may be the right coach for Grier.

Sawyer, another state fan and the ultimate reader in the house said he knows all about it. Sawyer is predicting East Carolina to be Grier's 2nd Choise/fit but as the book reader he is, he also mentioned that Mr. Scottie Montgomery might make Grier sit out a year.

Rufus, this is my right hand man and I trust all his words. He said Arkansas is Griers top choice, while Mr. Bret Bielema or as they call him, the Hog head man is used to selling top transfer option quarterbacks.

Just big thoughts from my family to yours

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