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Feb 28, 2018
There are important things to do as a coach which is understood, but Ms. Deana is asking and needing some information from each coach in North Carolina. What Ms. Deana is producing is the book was started in 1991 by Arnold Salomon which previewed all the high school programs in the state of North Carolina. It has been four years since it has been produced so she is producing this for North Carolina. There is no other book other like it and it is quite unique.

Since 1991 the state has grown, new schools built, new coaches, old coaches retired etc.... so the book needs all the updates it can get. Its not only at the high school level but the Colleges are in love with it.

The lady is not being pushy, Ms. Deana is simply trying to produce an awesome book for North Carolina and keep history going. She cannot do this without the help of all coaches and their schedule, players coming back, etc. If you are unsure what Ms. deana is creating simply reach out to your peers. So if you could, reach out to Ms. Deana on here, twitter, her email - gatarams@yahoo.com

It only takes 15mins at most to fill out a questionnaire.

Thank you
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