Roanoke Rapids vs Washington


Oct 22, 2012
Any thoughts on this matchup? RR playing very well down the stretch of the season and has a ton of confidence going into this game. RR defense plays well against the run and Washington seems like a team that's been running it right at opponents waiting for them to stop it.


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Aug 17, 2010
Of the four eastern semifinalists, RR seems like the oddball of the group. It's "SWE is physical. Northeastern can score at will. Washington is a beast. And oh yeah....Roanoke Rapids, I guess." No one is talking about them and no is giving them a chance. Including me. I think that they've just ran into the correct teams so far in reaching the third round. Not bad teams, but teams that not too many people felt like were a threat. I think that they are in for a rude awakening tonight. Washington has a very, very good starting rb in Spencer, however their offense has not been on fire lately. But that says nothing about their defense, which is top notch. I don't see RR doing much scoring against them. My guess is something around the 21-6 range. If RR can reach 20, they certainly have a chance, but Washington will have to have an off, off night for that to happen.

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