American Legion Baseball Repeat Offenders

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    Started this thread to not hijack the post on rankings that mentioned Whiteville having to forfeit games.

    Regarding that, I'm glad to see someone standing up for the remainder of the kids on the team by turning them in before the playoffs. Everyone can make a mistake; however, the repeat offenders...aka cheaters (and I'm not saying Whiteville falls in this category) should have mandatory suspensions for team leadership for multiple infractions. I believe there should be something along the lines of a 3 strike clause to serve as a penalty for coaches & AD's of offending teams. Offering this as a starting point for the conversation.

    First offense - removal of the team at the point discovered if post season or forfeited games as it is currently setup for regular season.
    Second offense - same as first offense; plus removal of head coach & AD for 3 seasons.
    Third offense - same as first offense & second offense; plus permanent suspension for head coaches & AD's that are repeat offenders.

    10 seasons without incident will remove a strike\offense.

    I fully understand the possibility of making a mistake as I was fully responsible for our program for a long time. I had an illegal player once that needed a release from a team that would have been required to release him anyway because of their enrollment limitation, but I say this because I screwed it up and understand the responsibility to get it right. Folks that wait to turn teams in after the playoffs start, penalize kids who did nothing wrong so once again, I commend whomever brought the Whiteville situation to light now.
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    a number one seed has been disqualified from the playoffs because their birth certificates were turn in late. unfair to players on that team. birth certificates being turned late didnt effect the out come of games, but illegal play does.

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