Looking at the “ Way too early Sweet sixteen poll” of the Charlotte Observer

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May 20, 2020
Seeing AL Brown at 13 and Statesville 14 in the early Sweet Sixteen. Was little surprised by AL Brown being at #13 but I do see them winning the conference. Statesville at #14 I’m not surprised. However I wish two teams could matchup. Anyone seen any surprises or thoughts of the teams listed. Sorry still haven’t figure out how to shall the link to this site. I know the poll will change as the season goes. Here is the list of teams.

1) Hough
2) Vance
3) Weddington
4) Myers Park
5) Charlotte Catholic
6) Richmond Co.
7) Kings Mountain
8) Charlotte Christian
9) Mallard Creek
10) Shelby
11) Butler
13) AL Brown
14) Statesville
15) North Lincoln
16) Olympic
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