Ask the Ref 2019 Football Rule Changes

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    1..40 seconds play clock similar to college. Starts as soon as run ends ( in bounds or out of bounds) , incomplete pass, first downs. 25 seconds,Any stoppage of play, time out, injury, change of possession, new quarter.

    2. Offensive requirements: 5 on line (must meet number requirements 50-79. Must have 4 in backfield to be legal. Yes offense can play with 9 if they meet these requirements.

    3. Tripping a runner is now illegal.

    4. Horse collar now has added placard section of back of jersey.

    5. Illegal kicking and batting, penalty reduced from 15 yds. To10 yds.

    Any announcers out there are going to love the uniform changes in 3 years. Numbers will be visible.
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