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    Week 3 Yadkin Valley Conference Picks

    More scoring in N. Stokes / CC game. CC 26 NS 21
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    Uwharrie Charter

    Yeah. Actually heard this afternoon when I asked a source I have, that some teacher left and there was some possible issues wit h academic fraud? Can anyone corroborate?
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    Uwharrie Charter

    Other than Kennell being promoted to Head Coach, I have heard nothing else.
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    2019 Yadkin Valley 1A Conference pre-season predictions

    1 North Rowan, 6-0 conference 9-2 overall 2 Albemarle 5-1 6-5 3 South Stanly 4-2 6-5 4 North Stanly 3-3 6-5 5 Chatham Central 2-4 4-7 6 North Moore...
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    Week 1 games.

    Eastern Randolph and Chatham Central game closer than expected, but my Wildcats pull away late. ER 41 CC 22
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    American Legion Baseball NC State Tournament

    Pool play for baseball is dumb. In fact, I don't even like a double elimination tournament. Just play series all the way through for states. I can see double elimination tournament for World Series and regionals however.
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    AHS 2019

    watch the chatam cent. bears for a possible sleeper. Could win 5-6 games overall and finish 4th behind NR, NS and ALB. I heard they had a good rising jr. QB that is being looked at by D1 skools.
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    AHS 2019

    North Rowan 6-0 (8-3 overall) North Stanly 5-1 (6-5 overall) Albemarle 4-2 ( 7-4 overall) South Stanly 3-3 (5-6 overall) Chatham Central 2-4 (4-7 overall) North Moore 1-5 (2-9 overall) South Davidson 0-6 (0-11)
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    Class 5A

    NCHSAA will ask for input, but at the end of the day, I think it will be 5 classes: 12.5%, 25%, 25%, 25% & 12.5% Who knows, though?????
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    Uwharrie Charter

    I was told there is a chance one of the guys on staff takes the head coaching job, and make no mistake, they will be good at baseball for the next several years due to the amount of guys they have brought in, provided they all stay. I think long term, the approach may be a little different.
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    American Legion Baseball AREA III question

    In this case, it should affected, not effected.
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    American Legion Baseball Protest Concerning Earpieces

    Like the ear piece made the difference in winning and losing in a 12-0 game. LOL.
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    American Legion Baseball AREA III question

    That is correct. The games will be good in the playoffs. I like the playoffs in Legion ball. I may catch a few games here and there.
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    Uwharrie Charter

    I think you will see more come out soon that will make things different for Uwharrie in terms of athletics. Hold on.
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    Update after June and before dead period

    Teams that will score more than the other team will win the games. You can see who those will be once we get going. Yadkin Valley and PAC 7 are going to all over in the games this year and will be fun to watch the those two conferences as the games are all around good ones with the new year...
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    Ok Lets Hear It ! !

    Yeah, I think those two schools could really break through this year as well.
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    Uwharrie Charter

    I was thinking it might be.
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    Uwharrie Charter

    My source on this is good. Ain't looking good for him.
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    Uwharrie Charter

    Initially, I heard 30k. They kept digging and a buddy of mine well connected in Randolph County says looking at.............wait for it..............................around................wait a little 400K.
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    Uwharrie Charter

    Yeah, and no balances, or well, perhaps balances in the wrong places.