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    CPC 2020 Conference Predictions

    This conference is going to be fun to watch. I'll take East as the frontrunner. I don't who ends up #2. Or 3,4, and 5 for that matter. I think any of those teams could beat the other on any given Friday. I still think RJR will bring up the rear. My favorite matchup is going to be Davie...
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    Peidmont 3A prediction or thoughts

    I pretty much agree with you. Parkland is the wildcard. I have no idea what to expect from the bottom three. SWG seems like they were a flash in the pan. WG and Smith have been down for a while.
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    The 3A/3AA is LOADED!

    I'm very curious to see how SE Guilford and Dudley do. I think SE's going to be tough.
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    Post your top 10

    Could West Stokes be back in the mix? Looks like they lose a few key seniors but also looks like they're very young.
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    Eastern Randolph

    Yes, sir. Looking forward to seeing what they can do.
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    Eastern Randolph's Kaemen Marley to Tennessee

    They'll be fun to watch on offense, that's for sure.
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    Eastern Randolph's Kaemen Marley to Tennessee

    ER band HAS to learn "Rocky Top" now.
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    UNC Football

    So the Tar Heels went back to the future and grabbed Doc Brown huh? As a Tar Heel fan, I don't know how I feel about this....
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    #4 Wheatmore (12-1) vs. #8 Brevard (10-3)

    I'll do that.....if I don't end up going to y'alls game. :D
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    Top 2A Girl's Teams in the west

    I did get around to seeing WC and Cowles last Friday. They beat a pretty good Greensboro Day team 70-63. Cowles is actually much better than I imagined. I thought see was only a shot-blocking machine. Now, she is a shot-blocking machine.......but she's much more than that. She was bringing...
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    #4 Wheatmore (12-1) vs. #8 Brevard (10-3)

    I might actually break down and go see this game. Was leaning towards Mount Airy/East Surry but if Greene/Smith can't go for MA I'm way less interested. Brevard/Wheatmore should be a great game. I'll take Brevard by 7.
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    Top 2A Girl's Teams in the west

    Going to check out Wilkes Central (and Cowles) today. They play Greensboro Day over at Glenn High School at 4:00.
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    Top 2A Girl's Teams in the west

    I saw Atkins the other night..... I don't think they'll be a serious contender. They'll probably make playoffs and might win a playoff game. I will say that I do like their point guard. She's quick and has a nice feel for things.
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    2A East Davidson 46 - Providence Grove 45

    That was a nice win for you guys. East always plays well as a team. I saw this game and I've got to a PG fan, I was stunned (and very pleasantly surprised) at the result. PG's going to be much better than I thought. I loved the way the youngsters played (especially one in...
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    CCC Girls

    That's the first thing I thought when I read the scores the other day. Great wins for North Davidson and Lexington. Especially ND. That was quite a debut for Hege. The CCC might actually be one of the toughest conferences in the state (regardless of classification).
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    6th Man Discussion...

    One place immediately comes to mind.............Trinity. Opposing teams always had to face sound, well-coached teams, a raucous home crowd (Trinity has always had great, passionate basketball fans), and a gym that felt like you were sitting in a microwave. Not to mention other "things" that...
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    Erwin at Mount Tabor

    Glenn's such a strange animal. Can beat the likes of Tabor and Reagan but can also get completely shut down by RJ Reynolds. Even Michael Jordan knows not to bet on Glenn.
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    Top 2A Girl's Teams in the west

    I'm not sure. I didn't watch them at all last year. I just know that they're usually pretty tough. I do hate that I didn't see Blakely play until the Triad All-Star game. She was tough. Oh, and I did see Forbush last night. Great call on them. They were impressive.
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    2A Early 2A West and East Teams to Watch

    On the girls side, keep an eye on Forbush. Looked pretty good last night against Glenn. And Glenn's no slouch....
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    Top Female player in NC

    Well, I saw Busick and Glenn for the first time last night. Glenn lost a thriller to Forbush 63-60. Truth336, I thank you for letting me know about Busick. She's a nice looking prospect. I hate that she spent the majority of the game in foul trouble. Main thing that caught my eye was how...