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    WSP @ Murphy Updates

    Tarboro, Reidsville, and Wallace Rose Hill . They all won state championships and do have traditions. Reidsville is only one that has not been in 1A yet (I believe) and they may will be one day. All of those three schools have done well against mountain teams.
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    Your NCHSAA at its finest

    Pamlico County High School is about 19 miles east of New Bern and the town it is in is Bayboro, NC. The town is quite small. You can google it and see what it is. (like what one of the poster said above)...
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    Most Wins since 2000

    I believe that Jacksonville lost way more than 16 since 2000. I recently check maxpreps and I look at those years since 2004. It looks like they lost about 88-90 games since 2004. That is not counting the years from 2000 to 2003. Maybe you mistype?? No big deal though but 16 loss since 2000 is...
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    Tarboro Vs East Surry

    In fact, Tarboro won several 2A state titles in the past. Heck! Tarboro went 5 straight 2A State championship games from 2008 to 2012 and won three of them. I would say Tarboro can compete and even win in 2A and 2AA football this year. They beat very solid Southwest Edgecombe team this year that...
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    Tarboro Vs East Surry

    It doesn't matter if college or pro football use it or not (they don't). A lot of high schools across the United States still uses it today for simple reason, it does work if they execute it correctly. In fact, Tarboro (Straight T) Wake Forest (Wing T) and Charlotte Catholic (Double Wing T I...
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    Tarboro Vs East Surry

    Wake Forest which is a 4AA school that won last two years state titles use variation of Wing T offense. As long as the team has very tough defense, Wing T or Straight T offense is hard to stop and very time consuming . WF beat Mallard Creek 20-0 and beat Page year before 29-0. All Tarboro has to...
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    TV for championship games?

    I think my48 in Greensboro will carry HS games this weekend. I am not sure though.
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    Does Anybody Stay on Topic Any More???

    Hurricane Michael did quite a bit of damage in central part of NC. I know since my kids were out of school for couple days due to that reason. It may not bother Bryson City but it sure heck did bother Triad part of NC.
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    Hough/North Meck Brawl

    Hey, what is wrong to take pride to write the words correctly? You blame it on the beer. Geez! I love to read any posts but it is easier to understand what people trying to say by spelling it correctly. I will type words wrong here and there but I will double check it to make sure it is...
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    Hough/North Meck Brawl

    rcoraider98 Just your information.....there is a huge difference between there and their. Yes they do sound the same but it is spelled different! I am sure that you don't need grammar teacher on this board. It does not make sense when you read it but it sound the same. Hey, you even copy a...
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    BlackKnightNut.....You better do some research before you put foot in your mouth. Tarboro has won State Title in 3A, 2A and 1A in past 35 years or so. Robbinsville only won 1A title. In past 10 years, Tarboro has won more titles than Robbinsville! Tarboro won state title last year and they won...
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    Who's your money on???

    Thomasville in from 05-06 will beat 2A/AA and might could beat 3 A and 3AA due to their defense but no way in the world they could beat Independence during the same era. Albermable is another team that would compete or beat 2A and 3A but not 4A (Independence again) . It is not fathomable to...
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    Greeneville @ Pisgah

    Magnum 45.....get it in your head. Greenville Tenn HS would be in 2A ball in NC. Each state has different numbers for each classification. WF probably would be in 6A or 7A in other states. Greenville HS only have 850 students and that would be in 2A ball in NC while Wake Forest HS have 2,166...
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    Does Forsyth County

    Here is the information on Atkins. I believe Walkertown folks wanted to open a high school in their town. It is quite unusual to have four high schools in this...
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    Question for Davie County fans,-80.5376242,940m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8853e9f237faf197:0xe683e9fc06d0ca18!8m2!3d35.9720255!4d-80.5354355
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    Murphy advances to State Championship Series

    13bc9fc dogs definitely one of the most talented teams in the state regardless of classification. I saw Crest at reynolds on friday and honestly think Murphy would beat either. They have to be one of the most talented teams in smoky mountain conference history. Granted they are not all from...
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    Playing Travel Baseball When Your Committed,Instead Of Legion?

    Where do you live? You will get better responses with that and we will know how we can direct you to sign up your son.
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    Who Stops Catholic? Not Your Team

    I am always impressed with CC since they run the system right way and they know they will not out-athlete other team. They have to run the system and execute the game plan. One team I know that could stop CC is Dudley and I have not seen any fans from Dudley complain. Each time they play each...
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    2018 Jr and Sr state tournaments

    BASEBALLFAN1955....You are wrong as far as Stanford is concerned. It is in California. It is Sanford. As far about regionals, there are pro and cons for rotating areas for the state tournament. I think we should rotate each year due to the fact that each area can show it's charm and every team...