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    1A Early 1A Girls and Guys teams to watch

    I would go with Prep and Lincoln on the boys side. On the girls side- East Surry, Cherokee, UA, Murphy and Bishop. I am surprised to see Albemarle listed, didn’t they lose to an average to below average Swain at home last year? Seems like it was 28-20.
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    Murphy advances to State Championship Series

    He did make Honorable Mention. Murphy had pitcher of the year, player of the year, 6 all conference and 3 honorable mention.
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    Murphy Bulldogs

    The girl from Hayesville started the 9th grade in Hiawassee Dam, did she not?
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    Hayesville girls take down Albemarle

    So the 3rd place SMC team blew out the regular season champ and the 4th place team held the conference tournament champ to 21? Wow! Good they didn’t lockup with Cherokee or Murphy.
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    SMC Week 4 pickem

    A couple of guys I know from Hayesville say it is 90% likely. Apparently he has benn looking for a couple of years now.
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    Got 5?

    But BK 11 or 12 of those were before Sherman march on Atlanta and Grant cornered Lee at Appomattox.
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    SMC Basketball

    The whispers are that they will promote from within and do not have to post as such.
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    1a womens bball

    Murphy may be a dark horse as they started to gel last year as they made the SMC finals as a 7 seed. I also hear they are getting two transfers from HD. I have heard the transfer at Cherokee suffered a knee injury, does anyone know the nature of the injury?
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    Volleyball Cherokee at South Davidson

    So your list includes 2 losses to the SMC and I am sure several blowouts to the NW 1A. Your big reply is "If"...... Deal in facts, you have no wins vs either conferences. Griddie was right you do watch a different game.
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    Volleyball Cherokee at South Davidson

    Still waiting on that list of wins vs a decent NW 1A or SMC team. Perhaps any Albemarle team win against any team from those conferences. Wow, Cherokee has 2, 20 point middle school scorers? It is called player development. NW draw? I assume you mean where they get players. That is accurate...
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    Volleyball Cherokee at South Davidson

    Respect is earned not given. The NW 1A is the best in girls BB, followed by the SMC. Please list your wins over any of those conference's teams. If you have any I bet they were against teams that finished 5th or lower. As to the loss of seven players, Cherokee lost 3 that went on to play on the...
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    Volleyball Cherokee at South Davidson

    Funny alb. Always plays their worst game of the year in the playoffs. The game was really closer than expected.
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    Volleyball First round scores, post them here

    May not be as big an upset as you may think, Robbinsville lost to last place Murphy to open the SMC Tourney. It is very unusual for a Lady Knight team to stumble like this at playoff time.
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    Volleyball First round scores, post them here

    The Yadkin and Southern Piedmont are not very good once again.
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    Volleyball Preliminary And Final Women's Basketball Brackets

    I also heard that is how the boys team added two good players, by giving their father a job. Is that true?
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    Cherokee vs Hayesville

    I saw the game and didn't care who won. He is my two cents, Cherokee committed some early fouls and then lost their composure. I believe they expect to get bad calls and assume that they are all bad calls. Are this talk about officials I feel bothers them they don't try to adjust to what is a foul.
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    Cherokee vs Hayesville

    I too was surprised by the lack of pressing for both teams. Not to dispute your point but the best of the best is not at the regions, just the booking agents buddies.
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    Cherokee vs Hayesville

    Actually made the trip over the mountain to watch some roundball. Hayesville did shoot a lot of FTs but should have shot more, Braves foul, foul and then foul again. Both teams can shoot it. Hayesvilles size bothered CHS. Don't have a dog in the fight just an observation.
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    Hayesville Coaching Change

    Speaking of utube, how many of the staff will be retained? Varsity or JV?
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    2 back to back perfect seasons, which will end first?

    Robbinsville has gone 6-0 in back to back seasons. Hayesville has gone 0-6 in back to back seasons. Which will end first?